Custom Apps Showing Your POIs

Make your own app using Horizon Explorer's technology,
showing your own AR points & data overlaid on the landscape.

How It Works

Your Data

Upload your data as a csv file, or place your POIs using our drag & drop map editor.

App Stores

Your customers or employees download via Apple & Google Play app stores.

Augmented Reality

Open the app and see your AR POIs displayed over the real-life camera view.

Extended Detail

Point directly to see your POI's entered information, links, distance and altitude.

Drag & Drop AR Map Editor

Drag AR markers onto the map and enter details to be displayed in our browser-based map editor. Or prepare in Excel and upload when ready.

You choose the type & colour of marker to be displayed, the name & extended information or external links to be displayed when a user points at the real life location.

It's easy to move markers or update information whenever you want and your users will see the change instantly.

See Your AR Markers

Your users download your app (public or private) from the app store, with a name & logo you choose. They launch it on their phone and see the camera view (just like Horizon Explorer).

If they are near an area where you created markers, they will see your points displayed over the camera view. Pointing at a marker will display the custom additional information or link.

The user can take a screenshot or share the details of what they are pointing at, eg. to record additional information about the POI.


Name & Info

Add a name & extended information to each marker to be displayed when pointed at.

Marker Styles

Choose from over 300 styles & colours to allow you to create marker categories.

Range Finding

Measure the distance from the user to any visible marker up to 100km away.

External Links

Add URLs to markers to show a link when pointed which users can follow for additional information.

Share Screenshot

Share target location, device ID, GPS position & heading, for easy data collection.

No Coding

Just download your app & point to see your markers & info displayed on the horizon.

Tried & Tested

Uses the same technology that powers Horizon Explorer, with over 50,000 installs.


256-bit TLS encrypts your data, only viewable by your own app's users.


Core app, labels and tutorial available in 8 languages. Your content can be in any language.

Use Cases

Outdoor Attraction Guides

Create an AR Tour Guide you control, showing points of interest in & around the grounds.

Asset Highlighting & Range-finding

Measure distance & check line-of-sight to visible assets, up to 100km.

Example use: Telecoms signal checker.

Retail Store Locator

Help customers find your stores with AR Markers showing their location & distance.

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